Thursday, February 22, 2018

Impact (Iron Orchids) by Danielle Norman


Impact - Danielle Norman


I enjoy stories with meaning. Maybe that's why I've become a fan of Ms. Norman as quickly as I have. Ever the optimist, even in moments of darkness, she brings out the light. Impact proves that a sense of humor can be a balm to the soul. Katy has been a victim of life's ironies. She built her life on fairy tale hopes and instead found them to be pipe dreams. A single mom without much to her name and options scarcely few, she needs a helping hand to give her the strength to push through. Her guardian angel has a few surprises up his sleeve. If he can convince her to trust her heart, the best may be yet to be. Impact is a heart full of pleasure. An inspiring tale of faith and courage that makes you laugh as you struggle to fight off the tears.



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