Friday, February 23, 2018

Spiced (The Misfit Brides) by Jamie Farrell


Spiced (Misfit Brides Book 6) - Jamie Farrell


Jamie Farrell has a way with words. She make me laugh as she encourages deep thought. Be careful or her charming reads will still the heart right out of your chest. The appeal of Spiced is Pepper and Tony find a way to deliver a truth we've all heard many times in a heartfelt way without being obvious. That is the beauty of the Misfit Brides series as a whole. The entire series is about being true to yourself, heart, body and spirit. Pepper wants to follow her heart, but her pride and family keep getting in the way. Tony puts on a show, but is much deeper than anyone knows. Ms. Farrell is at the head of the class with her temptingly sweet feel good reads. Addictive entertainment.

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