Saturday, February 24, 2018

Playing to Win - The Complete Series by Alix Nichols


Playing to Win (The Complete Series Box Set): 3 romances with angst and humor - Alix Nichols


The single dad. The broken soul. The man with out a past. Playing to Win deliveries meaningful tales of love, courage and maturity. Although I enjoyed Zach and Uma's whirlwind into love, it was Lucas and Isabelle and Julien and Noemi that spoke to my heart. Lucas and Noemi were given the most precious of gifts, but pride and youth nearly destroyed their happily ever after. Isabelle and Julien have a tough road ahead of them as learn how to forgive the people that hurt them. Told from the viewpoint of the characters, each story makes good on the drama. However it's the moments of vulnerability that bring hope and emotion to these stories of redemption and healing.


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