Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Marquis and I (The Worthingtons) by Ella Quinn


The Marquis and I (The Worthingtons) - Ella Quinn


For the Worthington household, trouble is forever on the horizon. For Lady Charlotte, it started with an innocent act that spirals into a dangerous situation. When her hero turns out to be the town cad, the rumors start flying and her hopes of a good match start dying. For Con, a favor for a friend turns his world upside down. Now the roguish Marquis finds himself saddled with a bride he never wanted, but can't seem to live without. With a mystery waiting to be solved and a heart needing to be won, Constantine will risk everything for a love he won't live without. Ella Quinn draws readers in with her quickwitted characters and her intricately woven stories. The Marquis and I is a seductive adventure of love, lust and danger. Intriguing yet simple.

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