Sunday, February 25, 2018

Maybe This Time (Whiskey and Weddings, #2) by Nicole McLaughlin


Maybe This Time: A Whiskey and Weddings Novel - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin


Jen is the type of person that I strive to be. Her resilience is extraordinary. Despite life's punches, she never gives up hope. She doesn't wait for good things to come her way, she tries to make them happen for herself. Insecurities be damned. Too bad the blows are coming quicker than she can fend them off. The biggest one? TJ Laughlin. TJ is the one man who can bring her to her knees. He brings all her self-doubt to the surface. Can the one person who sees through the pain, show her how to rise above it? Maybe This Time is a delightful tale of optimism, love and inspiration. Something that we all need at one time or another. A pick me up.

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