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Bad boys do it better!
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Brynne. My Bonita.
She is my ruination.

If the Knight’s Legion MC’s president wasn’t my best friend or the VP wasn't my father, I’d be insignificant, a nobody. Just a broken man lurking in the shadows, watching the world go by. Nobody truly knows me until a gorgeous woman with soulful, whiskey-colored eyes looks into mine.

Brynne Gallo sees who I am and wants me regardless of my scars and hidden kinks. One night is all it takes to know she is my soul mate and the catalyst of my undoing. We belong together.

But my Bonita doesn’t know what I know…she’s my step-sister. When she discovers the truth about her parents, can she forgive me for deceiving her? And will my club and my father take me back after betraying their trust?

No matter what anyone believes, our torrid love is real. I won’t let Brynne go.

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About The Author

Naomi Porter always had a knack for storytelling, and she’s finally putting pen to paper to share with you, the reader. Whether she is trying to stay warm in the freezing winter weather or cool in the sweltering heat, she’s pounding away at the keys of her laptop to bring you the latest gritty motorcycle club romance or decadent billionaire saga, or an outlandish, heart-stopping sexy drama. 


No matter what story she’s telling, you can bet it has sexy as sin men, sassy and confident women, and plenty of sizzling passion. Enter Naomi's naughty world today!

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Calling all cyborg romance fans... the Cyborg Liberation Trilogy is complete and Broken by Maddie Taylor and Morganna Williams is live!!!

Read the entire series #free with #kindleunlimited!

Humans made me, enslaved me, and ordered me to do unspeakable things.
Years later, the cries of my victims still haunt me.
How will I ever forgive myself?
Even if I can’t, I have vowed that those responsible will pay.
When the daughter of Cybertek’s CEO conveniently falls into my lap, I know what I must do.
Through her, I will have my vengeance.
But my boiling rage gives way to something I never expected.
Her laugh, her intoxicating scent, and her beauty have me conflicted.
Suddenly, I need her as intensely as I need my revenge.
Although she is human, a woman I should despise above all others, could she be the antidote to my bitterness?
Is it possible to find healing, and the peace I’ve always longed for, in her arms?

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About The Authors: 

USA Today and #1 international bestselling author, Maddie is a lifelong reader who became a romance junkie as a teen with her first romance novel, The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss. From then on, she was hooked, and gobbled up everything she could get her hands on, whether contemporary, historical, paranormal or sci-fi. If there was romance to be found between a strong alpha male, and a sassy, adventurous and ofttimes defiant yet loving woman, Maddie was all over it. As an author, she stays true to those themes writing steamy erotic romance, with a side of kink, and adding elements of intrigue, danger and suspense to her plots.

Maddie started writing as a hobby. Her stories stayed private while she raised a family and worked full time as a registered nurse. It wasn't until 2012 that she decided to take the plunge and submit her first book for publication: Captain My Captain. She went on to publish eleven novels the first year.

Morganna Williams is a USA Today Best Selling Author and Internationally Best Selling Author on Amazon in BDSM, Sci-fi Erotica, Humorous Erotica, Medical Romance, Romantic Suspense and Erotic Romance.

Morganna lives in Dallas with her family. She works as a social worker and does most of her writing on her lunch break. She loves interacting with her readers and is active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course her blog

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@maddietaylorauthor  @morgannawilliams1970

Wheeler by Colleen Charles releases on October 25th!
FREE with Kindle Unlimited
Throughout my time as an elite hockey player, I’ve had a few hookups.

But there's only one I can’t get out of my mind.

Stella left me high and dry in Costa Rica with a bruised ego and a broken heart after a single perfect day.

I wish I’d ignored all the rules with her. I wish I’d made her mine in every way that mattered.

Instead, I pushed her out of my mind, buckled down and became the team captain of the Vegas Venom, leading them to their first Stanley Cup.

But all of the accomplishments in the world can’t stop her memory from haunting me.

And when she breezes back to Vegas for a photo shoot where I’m her model–her…uhh…nude model–and doesn’t seem to remember me, my heart drops.

So I give her the best deep freeze I can muster while I build bigger walls around my heart.

Then she starts chipping away at my hard exterior. In order to let her in, I’ll have to trust her.

And I’m not sure I could survive it if she left me again...
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If you love the Mystical Midlife in Maine Series by Brenda Trim, it's time to preorder you copy of Demonic Stones & Creaky Bones!
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Being held prisoner is just the beginning of my descent into despair. It's the poison and the desperate escape that seal the deal.

The stakes are higher than ever when I wake up tied to a strange table. Once I have my bearings, I realize that the Dark witch battling me from the very beginning may very well have finally won our war. My morale is low as I'm helpless to fight her, and soon I find myself on the brink.

Anything could happen this time, and I'm fully prepared. My nursing skills are rusty, but when I need them most, I discover they aren't entirely lost. Surgically removing demonic stones isn't my idea of a good time, but I have to do whatever I can to ensure that evil does not win.

To top it off I still have to rescue my mate, and I can't do that alone. Thank goodness I have the help of my best friend, my dragon, and a dwarf.




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About Brenda:

USA Today bestselling author, Brenda loves everything paranormal. She has co-authored over twenty-five books in the best-selling Dark Warrior Alliance series, as well as the Hollow Rock Shifters series. She also has best-selling solo titles readers are raving about.

Brenda created worlds that feature dangerously handsome heroes and feisty heroines. With the help of popcorn and candy, she takes dragons, fairies, witches, vampires, and so much more and brings them to life. She lives in Texas with her husband and three kids who fuel not only her heart but her life.

If she's not writing, she's reading, traveling, or knee-deep in projects with her husband and five sisters. She encourages readers to Dream Big. If your dreams don't terrify and electrify you then they aren't big enough!  


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Studious by Leslie McAdam releases on October 7th!
FREE with Kindle Unlimited
After a disastrous high school game of spin the bottle, I gave up trying to get a boyfriend and spent my time studying instead. Now I’m twenty-four, and I’m not only a virgin, I haven’t even been kissed.

When I meet Danny, a handsome legal hotshot, he catches my eye. Right before I trip on flat ground. Ugh.

He’s got a massive … reputation. He’s the most popular guy in the club, a total playboy with a new conquest every night. There’s no way he’d be interested in me.

But one night after I imbibe too much, he winds up taking care of me. And when I ask for his help with my travesty of a social life, he agrees to teach me how to be less awkward with men … if I let him document my progress so he can win a bet with his best friend.

Even though he’s just my love tutor and I’m just his apprentice, this starts to feel like more.

Too bad it can’t be anything but a high-level seminar in how to seduce someone else.

Studious is a sweet and sexy contemporary opposites-attract m/m romance about a suave attorney who’s scared to love and the shy, nerdy bookkeeper he’s teaching how to be a player. Cue makeover montage and a smoldering first kiss. These heroes most definitely are not falling in love. (Okay, heartwarming HEA guaranteed.)
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About the Author:

Leslie McAdam is a California girl who loves romance and well-defined abs. She lives in a drafty old farmhouse on a small orange tree farm in Southern California with her husband and two small children. Leslie's first published book, The Sun and the Moon, won a 2015 Watty, which is the world's largest online writing competition. She's gone on to receive additional literary awards and has been featured in multiple publications, including Her books have been Top 100 Bestsellers on both Amazon and Apple Books. Leslie is employed by day but spends her nights writing about the men of your fantasies.


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Bound to the Fae Assassin by Tasha Black releases on October 4th!
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Her magic is outlawed, and his love for her is forbidden.

Farrow must repress her magic for fear of the King's wrath. But she secretly bakes balms for the villagers' pain into the rustic breads at her parents' bakery. When she happens upon a Fae Prince in disguise on the edge of the wall between worlds, he ends up obligated to her.

Blackthorn’s curiosity about the pretty mortal straying close to the wall ruins his mission and places him under a debt of obligation to the green-eyed temptress. Under her power, he travels home with her to save her friend’s life. And once he learns what Farrow really is, he is determined to stay a little longer and help her harness her magic. The only challenge is resisting the sizzling attraction between them. After centuries of boredom, he finds that Farrow excites something in him even beyond his desperate need to claim her.

But Blackthorn has his own reasons for being on her side of the wall. And ultimately Farrow may be the one to pay the price for letting his magic in.

From USA Today Bestselling Author May Sage:

“If you loved An Enchantment of Ravens, this story is for you. Farrow’s magic is forbidden, he’s the enemy of her kingdom, but with a simple kindness, she binds the fae prince to her, and seals her fate.”


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The Fling by Jennifer Bernard is #NowLive!
Available on All Platforms

It all started that summer in Lake Bittersweet…

Emmaline Curtis has never been outside the state of Minnesota before, so winning an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii is a dream. Back home, working the family farm and caring for her brother means precious little free time. So when she meets an intriguing hottie at the resort, she’s ready for anything. No last names. No personal details. Just two willing strangers enjoying each other in paradise; then Emmaline can go home with good memories and no chance of awkward future run-ins with Conor.

Conor Gault’s business trip turned sensual excursion is cut short by devastating news—his rock star father has unexpectedly passed. Suddenly he’s heading to a town he’s avoided for seventeen years. Lake Bittersweet, Minnesota. The place where one long-ago disastrous night changed the course of his life. The last person he expects to run into is Emmaline, the quirky knockout who’s been living rent-free in his head ever since Hawaii…and who just happens to be a local.

Before long, their sizzling attraction heats up again. Their worlds couldn’t be more different—he’s a wealthy financial whiz, she’s a farmgirl. But in a startling twist of fate, Conor and Emmaline discover their pasts are linked in ways they never imagined. Ways that may ensure their fiery affair will never be more than a temporary fling.






The FlingThe Fling by Jennifer Bernard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A memory of the heart that leaves its hand prints on the soul. From slow burn to unpredictable, The Fling turns a mystery of heartbreak into a soul stirring act of love. A bittersweet dance with destiny that is a haunting yet beautiful paradox of emotions. A can't put down read.

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About the Author:

Jennifer Bernard is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. Her books have been called “an irresistible reading experience” full of “quick wit and sizzling love scenes.” A graduate of Harvard and former news promo producer, she left big city life in Los Angeles for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She still hasn’t adjusted to the cold, so most often she can be found cuddling with her laptop and a cup of tea.

If you'd like to know when Jennifer's next book comes out, visit her website at to sign up for her mailing list.

Bad Rebound by Elise Faber is #NowLive!
Available on All Platforms

She was gorgeous…and infuriating.
And he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Jeremy was used to taking care of people. His brothers, his sister, his mom. Hell, he’d been the “man” of his family for so long that the need to take care of others was burned onto his soul.
But Teresa didn’t want to be taken care of, and worse, she didn’t need it.
Until…she did. Until she needed him.
Jer knew that his chance with her wasn’t going to come more than once, so he had to be smart.
She needed to fall for him. Irrevocably.
Because he couldn’t end up a bad rebound.





Bad Rebound (Billionaire's Club: Bad Brothers, #1)Bad Rebound by Elise Faber

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A charming temptation that sticks to the heart and tickles the funny bone. Teresa and Jeremy make sure that Bad Rebound is not easily forgotten, but hard to forget.

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About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author, Elise Faber, loves chocolate, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and hockey (the order depending on the day and how well her team—the Sharks!—are playing). She and her husband also play as much hockey as they can squeeze into their schedules, so much so that their typical date night is spent on the ice. Elise changes her hair color more often than some people change their socks, loves sparkly things, and is the mom to two exuberant boys.

She lives in Northern California. Connect with her in her Facebook group, the Fabinators or email her at


Connect with Elise!

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