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Downfall, an all-new smoking-hot age-gap workplace romance from bestselling author Evelyn Sola is available now!


 "Downfall knows how to make an impression. Max and Summer are a titillating mix of frustratingly spicy and deliciously romantic. .... this romance packs quite the burn." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)




Summer Madison is the opposite of everything Maxwell Sutton finds attractive in a woman. And yet, here he is, fighting powerful feelings for the new personal assistant his brother hired while he was out of town. 


Everything about her is wrong, yet his thoughts are consumed with nothing but her. Determined to do anything he can to stay away from her, Maxwell develops a no fraternization clause to the company policy. 


But rules and logic only last for so long. 


When the attraction between the two of them becomes too much to contain, Maxwell finds himself violating the very policy that he put into effect. Now that he's had a taste, he knows he can never say no to her again. 


Will a business trip alone together be their downfall, or will they finally realize that their happily ever after is closer than they think?




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It’s a sterile room with gray chairs and a long black table. The room is full with several people standing. There’s a man at the head of the table who I assume is Maxwell. Celia is standing next to him, whispering close to his ear. His back is turned, and he’s looking down at something in his hand, nodding absentmindedly at Celia. I can tell he’s taller than his brother, and David is taller than everyone around here.

            This Mr. Sutton is in a dark gray suit, spread just right across his shoulders. His inky black hair is as dark as David’s and is cut short. The energy in the room is different this morning. Everyone, other than Celia, is sitting there and tensely waiting for Mr. Sutton to address the room.

I take a sip of my coffee for courage and wish there was a shot of rum in it. I get the sense that things will be different at work from this day forward, but I don’t know if it will be for better or for worse.

            I set my coffee down at the table and take a deep breath. David practically jogs to the front of the room and whispers something to his brother and Celia, who finally moves away from Maxwell Sutton and takes a seat. She pats down her hair and lets out a shaky breath while she steals a look at Maxwell. I definitely need to ask Olivia about that.

It feels like someone has turned up the heat in the room, and for reasons unknown, my mouth suddenly goes dry and my stomach drops to my feet. Other than the day I interviewed for this job; I don’t remember another time when I’ve felt nervous in this room. A feeling of self-consciousness hits and with a shaky hand I swipe my lips with my thumb at the exact same moment Maxwell Sutton turns around.

            His brown eyes are like storm clouds when they collide with mine. If I could, I’d take a step back. But I can’t. I stand there in the back of the room like a lonely gazelle in a room of lions, unable to find her footing to run. David waves over to me and gestures at a chair, only the chair is too close to the other Mr. Sutton.

I swallow nervously and want to look away from him but can’t seem to make a move until I’m forced to. I turn my head and look towards the door, ready to make a quick exit, but my hand goes limp, and the legal pad slips from between my fingers. I want nothing more than for the floor to swallow me up when I bend down to pick it up. I just know someone is looking at my butt. When I stand, I run a hand over my ass as if that would somehow make it less conspicuous. I feel everyone’s eyes on me as I walk to the front of the room, almost as if I’m walking the plank, not walking to the chair that my boss is generously offering me.

            The other Mr. Sutton’s eyes follow me the entire time, but I’m proud of myself for avoiding his gaze. And for not falling flat on my face. I want to cover my body with my hands. If I thought David Sutton was handsome, he is nothing compared to his brother.    Dark eyes, short, perfectly trimmed beard, dark hair without a trace of gray. If he was my type, he would be a wet dream. It’s almost as if I can feel his thoughts just from his eyes. He’s fighting for calm right now. He needs order and structure and thinks he can find it here in the office. I don’t know how I know that about him, but I do. It’s like an electrical current is between us by the time I take my seat. It’s as if I’m on display, and I can feel his eyes looking down at me. I make the big mistake of looking up, and our eyes clash. His nostrils flare, and he opens his mouth to say something, only to close it again.

            I quickly turn my head and start writing on my legal pad, but my heart is beating so fast I know everyone else can hear it.

            “So,” David begins. Everyone focuses on him, and I exhale, suddenly relieved that the attention is off me. Though I can’t imagine why it would be on me in the first place. I’m only David Sutton’s personal assistant. I’ve taken minutes at every meeting since I started working here. No one pays attention to me, but I turn my head and find Maxwell’s dark eyes looking down at me. I quickly turn back to my legal pad. “Thank you all for getting here so quickly on this Monday morning. As you all know, this firm was passed down to me and Max. Our grandfather started it, passed it down to our father until he retired, and we took over. For those of you who haven’t met Max…”


About Evelyn 



A Boston native, wife, mother, and wine enthusiast. If she's not writing, thinking about writing, you will find Evelyn with a book in her hands. While a new publisher, she's been writing for years, and she will continue to write for many years to come.

Evelyn is obsessed with assertive and confident men who will stop at nothing to get their woman. Her stories are filled with love, passion and humor.

She currently lives in Chicago with her husband and two daughters.


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