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The Addendum by Melanie Moreland is coming October 17th!

Richard VanRyan is BACK!


I kissed her hard. Deep. With every emotion I was feeling.





You can change your future but you can't escape your past.


Life is good for Richard VanRyan.

His family is growing. His life is rich. He has everything he could desire, and he is blessed with all he never knew he needed.

Until the day his past shows up and tosses a grenade into his future.

What happens when the man you used to be casts a shadow over the man you are today?

Can the two worlds merge in peace, or will one cause the other to splinter?

Can forgiveness be earned or does it come with too high a price?


Previously published exclusively on Radish with over 15+ million views.

Contains bonus content. 


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Lightning Has Struck!


Because Love Can Bleed Into The Darkest Heart



"A can't put down read. The Watcher is an edge of the seat, straight to heart thrill ride. A haunting dance with the devil.  From the unpredictable suspense that steals your breath to the depth of connection that captures your heart." - (Isha C. Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)




The Watcher by Melanie L. Moreland is now live!



To the world, I'm Damien DeSalvo, businessman.
I own a security company, ensuring the safety of my clients.
But behind the scenes, I'm known as the Watcher.
I stay hidden, overseeing the secrecy of Hidden Justice--those who rid the world of its scum,
one bad guy at a time.
Until the day she stumbles into my path and one kiss changes everything.
Stalked and terrified, Raven Bailey needs my protection.
I need her.
Can I find the man threatening the woman I love before he finds her?
We're playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse.
And I'm determined to win.


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