Monday, February 27, 2017

Talk To Me (Lucky Cowboys) by Carolyn Brown

Talk Cowboy to Me - Carolyn Brown
ARC Review: Talk To Me (Lucky Cowboys) by Carolyn Brown

With requisite charm and the standard helping of tender loving care, both author and story set up residence within the heart and I didn't mind having to share. A newly single mother looking to start anew, discovered the perfect remedy to chase away her heartache blues. A newly minted guardian is looking to change his ways. If only he could get his heart to listen to what his mind is trying to say. Carolyn Brown took The Brady Bunch and placed it within the wild west, and although I'm a fan of whatever she does, Talk to Me placed above the rest. Ms. Brown has a sixth sense with matters of the heart. That special talent manages to set her apart. Loved it.
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