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Shootout by Jami Davenport releases on April 25th!

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I'm the new guy on the team, and I'm struggling to earn my teammates' respect and forgiveness for the dirt I've slung at the Sockeyes in the past.

I played my entire life with my twin brother by my side, even in the pro's. Now I've been traded to the Sockeyes, and my brother has been selected in the expansion draft by the Portland Icehawks.

I'm facing the unthinkable, competing against my brother in a game where only one of us emerges the ultimate winner. And that's not my only problem. I've developed a huge crush on one of my teammate's sisters, and he's not taking kindly to my interest in her, especially since he and I have butted heads in the past.

She's not interested in me, but I'm not able to walk away. There's something special about her, and I have to find a way to convince her that there's also something special about me, even if her brother hates my guts.

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Savage Prize by Hattie Jacks releases on March 30th!
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On a planet where there are no rules, she’s the prize, and he will claim her, no matter what the cost.

I know I’m not ever getting back to Earth, but I’d settle for escape from the cage I'm being kept in. Instead, I end up as a prize in an alien game where a golden eyed, horned alien lord is the winner.

The Remek Lords are notorious for their brutality. Vicious, dangerous and feral, I’m about to get up close and extremely personal with one of the most ferocious species in this galaxy.

Only Taborr is not what I was expecting at all. Aloof, passionate, dominant, he knows exactly what he wants.

His fated mate.


He’s been alone in his citadel for a long time and, despite his savage nature, he has needs I never would have expected from such a fearsome alien.

He needs hope, a future, a way of freeing his captured crew, of being whole again.

I’m not sure I can love a monster, even one who's vicious exterior hides the noble beast within. I've already had my world ripped apart once and if Taborr wants my heart, he's going to have to fight for it.

Savage Prize is the first in the Warriors of the Citadel series by USA TODAY bestselling author Hattie Jacks. A love story filled with spice, a lonely alien finding his fated mate and a human discovering escape is not the only option, this book will take you to the stars and back. For mature audiences only.





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About the Author:

Hattie Jacks is a British author of steamy sci-fi romance. She loves to write about super hot alpha aliens and the feisty human ladies who are not prepared to accept their fate. Unless fate tells them to lose their hearts...

Hattie is the first to admit that her entire writing machine runs on tea. And cake, preferably together and preferably chocolate fudge (the cake, not the tea). She lives in a small corner of the British Isles with her husband and a striped cat shaped missile called Jimmy.

You can get a free book for signing up for her newsletter, which is packed with all sorts of fun stuff, at










Run, don't walk, to Amazon to reserve your copy of A Monster's Fate by Lynnea Lee now!!







My prestigious new job as the assistant to a colony leader starts as an honor. Then I stumble across the colony’s dirty little secrets. Hell-bent on exposing the atrocities, I reach out to a rebel group to feed them information. 

Too quickly, the jig is up. I manage one last message to my rebel contact, Zach, before I’m locked in the mad councilman’s basement. 

When Trask arrives, he claims to be my contact. He’s huge and horned with wings that darken the sky. I know he’s lying because Zach is human, but when the monster steals me into the air, I hold on for dear life.


Kat has risked everything and played a critical role in keeping everyone in our stronghold safe. So when I receive her desperate message, I embark on a rescue mission. I refuse to leave anyone—Kadrixan or human—behind. Especially her. 

I venture into the heart of enemy territory to find the little human. But when I finally have her in my arms and tell her I am Zach, my little Kat doesn’t believe me!

I am a patient warrior, though. Once we’re safe, I have forever to convince Kat she is mine. But first, I need to get us out of here.

A Monster’s Fate is a sci-fi alien romance with a growly hero, lots of action, and an HEA, guaranteed. This series has dystopian themes.


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About Lynnea:

Lynnea Lee is a recovered serial monogamist who now lives in her forever home with the man of her dreams. Still hopelessly addicted to the feeling of falling in love she now feeds her habit with a routine prescription of romance novels and rampant imagination. When she is not dreaming up fantastical stories of love, lust and romance, her hobbies include talking to her plants, putting on a full face of makeup to stay home on Saturday nights and hugging her dog longer than is appreciated.

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