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TIGHT END is LIVE in audiobook!!! That means the audio series is complete!!! 

Narrated by CJ Bloom & Nelson Hobbs


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Listen to Tight End here: https://geni.us/VATEaudio5

Listen to Tight Spot: https://geni.us/VATEaudio1 

Listen to Tight Hold: https://geni.us/VATEaudio2 

Listen to Tight Fit: https://geni.us/VATEaudio3

Listen to Tight Laced: https://geni.us/VATEaudio4


I knew playing with my feelings was a huge gamble with someone like him, but I did it anyway.

Now I’ve learned the hard lesson that gambling—and life—in Vegas just aren’t for me.

I have a lot of decisions I need to make on my own, so I took a job that will allow me to relocate, regroup, and make new friends while I try to figure out what comes next for me. One of those new friends is a hot former baseball player who is also my temporary new roommate. Even though I find myself attracted to him, I’m carrying too much weight from my past to move forward.

I need to find a way to move on from my tight end, and the only way to do that is to tell him the truth that will change both of our futures forever.

Tight End is the final book in the Vegas Aces: The Tight End series.

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Heartless by Jennifer Sucevic is now available in audio!! 

Narrated by Jennifer Bloom & Michael Gallagher



Listen Here: https://amzn.to/3zh0tFg

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She broke my heart and took away the only thing that mattered.
Her love.
An angsty and dark, second chance college sports romance from USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Sucevic.
When I hightailed it out of town after high school graduation, I didn’t think there was anything that could bring me home again.
But I was wrong.
When the worst happens, it blows my world apart and sends me into free fall, forcing me to return to the one place—the one person—that holds all my heartache.
Hunter Price.
The guy I loved more than life itself. He doesn’t understand that in order to save him, I had to do the unthinkable—open my hand and let him go.
With no other choice but to attend the same university, all I want is to lay low and stay off his radar. We have one year left before graduation and he gets drafted to the pros. My hope is that after all this time, he’s moved on and will leave our relationship where it belongs—in the past.
Why wouldn’t he?
He’s all but exploded at the college level, just like I knew he would. When people talk Claremont football, they’re talking about Hunter Price.
And the girls?
Even when we were in high school, they trailed after him like lovesick puppies before falling at his feet.
Now there’s even more of them.
One disastrous run-in is all it takes to realize that he hasn’t forgiven or forgotten anything. He’s still bitter about the breakup.
Only now do I realize that if Hunter has his way, he’ll bring me to my knees, inflicting as much damage as he can.
And there’s nothing I can do but steel my heart and hope I’m able to withstand it.

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Blade of Iris by by KA Knight is now available in audio!!! 

Narrated by: Tor Thom, Rebecca Woods



Listen here: https://www.audible.com/pd/B0BX1BRP17

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I was sold to my enemies.

The Volkov’s are the nightmares they warned me of as a child, the ones they spoke of in the dark in hushed tones. Traitors and killers—the boogeymen themselves—sent to scare children like me; the children of their enemies.

I'm a Kelly. A family that they have been at war with since before I was born. Now, I am to marry into the Bratva Pigs; to become their blushing bride. It's my father's plan, and theirs as well. A marriage to create peace. To unite the families and end the bloodshed once and for all. We are a symbol of hope, of the future, of harmony.

I have other ideas.

I’m going to make these Vegas Kings fall. I’m going to kill the Volkov’s and serve their hearts up on a platter for my father. They won’t see it coming. The blade of iris will be their end, even if it starts the Mafia Wars.

Blade of Iris is a reverse harem novel in the dark and twisted Mafia Wars world. It is recommended for mature listeners.

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King of the Court by R.S. Grey is now available in audio!

Start listening today!

Apple Books: http://bit.ly/3LRWTJb

Narrated by: Aiden Snow & Desiree Ketchum

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Torch by Chelle Bliss now live in audio!

Start listening today!

Audible US: https://geni.us/torch-audio
Audible UK: https://geni.us/torch-audio-uk

Narrated by: Samantha Brentmoor & Connor Crais

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Real Like Daydreams by Julia Wolf is now live in audio!

Start listening today!

Narrated by: Kat Auden & Michael Gallagher

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Pieces of a Life by Jewel E. Ann is now live in audio!

Start listening today!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3lMK08y
Audible: http://bit.ly/3TVBDUU
Apple Books: http://bit.ly/3FXMsQi
Audiobooks: http://bit.ly/40GbYSg

Narrated by: Emery Erickson & Alastair Haynesbridge


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