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AIRPLANE GAMES by Cat Wynn is releasing April 18th!! This is a Breakfast at Tiffany's meets Up in the Air contemporary romance. We are thrilled to share the cover reveal with you!!




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Parker Donne wants to plant his feet on the ground, get married and start a family. Unfortunately his niche industry job as a high-end traveling mechanic keeps him wealthy but airborne. He's constantly flying across the globe tending to his rich clients’ one-of-a-kind vehicles.

So, when Parker finds he’s not the only passenger on a private jet back to the states, he knows better than to engage in dead-end flirting. But the chatty woman with the raven hair and blue eyes has stolen his attention—and also his wallet—just for her own amusement. Elliot Sheer is the opposite of what Parker is looking for. She’s flighty, temperamental, and uninterested in settling down. And Parker can’t even figure out where she lives. She floats from gig to gig as a destination wedding photographer. Tempting but trouble.

Parker won’t ever see her again anyway. Except, that he does at the Schiphol Business Lounge and then again at O’Hare Terminal 5. And one more time at Midway baggage claim. And now that she's dropped her Instagram handle, Parker can’t pretend he hasn’t been seeking her out on purpose, too.  An international game of cat and mouse. With each crackling encounter it’s more clear she won’t give him the commitment he wants. But Parker can't stop himself from chasing her through the sky, even when he knows he’ll end up crashing to the ground all alone.


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Cat is a writer, a night owl, and a lover of dogs. She often stays up deep into the night crafting her stories for hopefully lots and lots of people to read. She also really enjoys being home and doing things that people do at home like lounging in sweatpants and staring at instagram.



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