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We are thrilled to celebrate HELLO BILLIONAIRE by Kelsie Hoss is LIVE!



"An introduction that goes straight to the heart. A great story with an empowering message." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)



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My ex told me no one would ever want to be with a "fat, broke, single mom of three." My billionaire boss thinks otherwise.

After my ex left me high and dry, I need make things work for my kids. Even if it means getting rejected for jobs over and over again.

When my friend gets me an interview with her boss for an interior design job, I think things are finally looking up. That is until I door ding his Tesla and yell at my kids on the phone during the interview. (For the record, running out of peanut butter does NOT count as an “emergency.”)

But for some reason… he offers me the job.

As a boss, Gage Griffen is intense, driven, and demanding. But under his layers of Armani and grumpy exterior, he’s also generous, kind, and treats my kids the way I wish their dad would.

I need to keep my distance, because this job is our fresh start. And messing up this opportunity could ruin everything, including my heart.

Hello Billionaire is a grumpy/sunshine rom com featuring a steamy billionaire, a plus-size single mom, three matchmaking children, and one hell of a happily ever after.





Hello BillionaireHello Billionaire by Kelsie Hoss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An introduction that goes straight to the heart. Hoss takes an emotional situation and turns it into an inspiring journey of self-discovery and second chances. Though not always beautiful, Hello Billionaire is a story any heart can relate to. Farrah turns heartache into courageous, soulful and optimistic new beginning. A great story with an empowering message.

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We are thrilled to celebrate TIED TO YOU by Jer’tarme is LIVE!




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To feel acceptance, love…how far would you go? She crossed a line and now she’s in their world.

Aubrey Jane Garcia: smart, focused . . . innocent?
Academically gifted and painfully aware of her lack of sexual experience, Aubrey knows her acceptance into Columbia University will mark a defining moment in her life. But after swapping small-town California for New York City, Aubrey wakes up dazed in a stranger’s bed. Was she drugged? Assaulted? Or Saved from a fate much worse?

She arrived in New York determined to find herself, though what she found was a world of sex, drugs, and undeserved notoriety, built on the preconceived realities of those around her. Now she has no idea where fantasy begins and reality ends.

All she wanted was to fit in.

Noah Charleston: jaded, stubborn . . . gentleman?
Heartbroken and alone after the loss of his one true love. Would he ever love again? The thought couldn’t be further from his mind. Until her. Now complicated feelings are involved, hidden pasts are coming to light, and he soon finds himself facing a new kind of heartache—one rooted in gossip, addiction, and the darker side of sex. Is it love, or has his relationships been built on a lie?

Only one thing’s for sure: Noah and Aubrey must break free from societal expectations and the sinister game they’ve unwittingly found themselves playing. Even if that means sacrificing more than just a reputation.

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