Thursday, March 23, 2023





Nana Malone’s #brownnipplechallenge and Lyric Audiobooks joined together to create @audio_in_color – a grant program to support BIPOC romance authors who have not yet released an indie audiobook. We’re expanding opportunities and funding authors’ first self-published audiobook project - AND YOU CAN HELP!




Donations for the Audio in Color program are now open ⇨ 


In round one, we raised $41,310, produced 7 audiobooks, hired 11 BIPOC narrators, and author recipients sold over 5k copies. One of the productions was even nominated for an Audie Award this year!





With your help in round 2, funds will go to authors for their audiobook production and promotion. We have even more exciting things in store than the first time around and appreciate any support you’re able to give.








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