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We are thrilled to reveal this gorgeous cover for THE REBOUND by L. Steele coming April 20!


He was supposed to be my forever love
Until he becomes my personal hell...

Declan Beauchamp: he’s the super-hot, super-bad boy actor.
I’m the new voice, who has an overnight break-out single.
Together we are unbeatable.
A match-made-in-tabloid heaven.
Until he betrays me...

Twelve months later I’ve put him behind and moved on.
I even have a new boyfriend.
Except my career is in freefall...
Only consolation?
Declan isn’t faring better either.

With my future and his at stake.
Declan comes up with a plan.
One movie together,
And a fake relationship to catapult our futures back on track.

That’s six months of Declan glaring at me with possessiveness.
Twenty six weeks when he insists I’m his.
A hundred and eight two days in which our chemistry crackles on screen.
And when it denotes in real life
I know I can’t survive this encounter.
I tell him the deal is off,
Except it’s too late...

A standalone, enemies-to-lovers fake relationship billionaire romance about mistakes, heartache, and second chances.

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Don’t miss YOURS TO TAKE by Emily Silver coming March 23! Read on for an excerpt from this new steamy, small town romance…




“I can make it good for you, Gemma.”

“Convince me.”

“What?” The woman walking toward me has shocked me speechless. “You want me to convince you to have sex with me?”

Her fingers walk up my chest, hardening my dick in my pants.

“You say you can make it good?”


One word. All confidence. I know I can rock her world.

“Then convince me.”

I look around at my small cabin. “Right now?”

“If you don’t think you can…”

She spins on her heel and heads toward the door. I don’t let her open it, setting my hand by her head.

“You want me to prove it to you?” My mouth is right by her ear. I can feel her shudder.


Sweeping her hair back, I expose her neck. Her vein pulses. Throbs.

“Let me show you.” I drop my lips onto her neck, resting there. Not doing what I really want to be doing.

“Then show me.”


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We are thrilled to share a teaser from THE SWEETEST AGONY by Victoria Lum coming March 29! Pre-Order your copy for only 99¢!






What you can expect:

Childhood Friends to Lovers

Unrequited Love

Pining Hero

He falls first

One Bed

Dating Coach

He’s not the boy she grew up with anymore.

I thought I knew my best friend.
Transcontinental video chats didn’t do him justice.
He’s not an awkward teenager anymore, and one look from him sets my body on edge.
I’m the type of woman who has her life together. Sure, a panic attack here or there might derail my day, but I’ve got this.
I have my life under control.
I’m not the type of woman to lust after the most important person in my life.
But he knows me better than I know myself—even the anxious parts I try my best to hide.
Now that we’re in the same place, everything in our relationship is changing.

I’m back for her.
She’s my best friend.
Being in love with Jess has been the sweetest agony, and I’ve waited long enough.
I’ve watched her fall for men who don’t appreciate her.
I’ve waited for her to see me.
Now it finally seems like she might, and I won’t hold back until she’s mine.


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We are thrilled to share a teaser from OVERSTEER by B. Lustig coming April 27!





What you can expect:

✔️He Falls First

✔️Different Worlds

✔️Millionaire Athlete

✔️F1 Romance

✔️Tortured Heroine

✔️Reverse Grumpy/Sunshine

✔️One Night Stand


I fully gave my heart once and a year ago, it was shattered into a million pieces against a tree. Literally.

Tristan Reinhart might be the superhero of Formula One, but even he can’t fix that. I didn’t expect to run into the World Champion on my way to work. I also didn’t expect him to make me laugh the way he does after I was convinced I’d never laugh again.

But he does.

Earth shattering and stomach turning, he makes it impossible to not break down my walls, piece by piece.

He has me wanting things I swore I’d never have again. Things that remind me of the love I once had. He makes me feel.

I thought it would be one night. But he makes it perfectly clear he wants more than that. And even though I try to keep one foot out the door, I catch my heart wanting to stay.

But I know there will be no happy ending for me. I had my shot and it ended in pain. My crushed heart reminds me of why I can never be that girl.

His girl.

No matter how good it feels.


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We are thrilled to share SECOND CHANCE VOW by M. Robinson is FREE for a limited time! Grab it before it is too late! 




Available in KU



From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author M. Robinson comes a second chance romance.

From the moment I laid eyes on her, Kinley was mine.

At fifteen years old I was determined to make it happen, but we were on and off for years until I got it right between us and finally made her my wife.

We were supposed to be forever.

So in love.

So devoted.

So consumed with each other.

But somewhere along the way we lost sight of that love.

Ten years later and that love became anger. That devotion began to crumble, and we were consumed with resentment of life not working out the way we had planned.

We meant it when we vowed for better or for worse...

So why the hell were we signing divorce papers?

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