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HOPE AFTER LOSS by Amber Kelly releases on April 20th! 


“I think you should let me take you out on a real date.”
I shake my head.
“Come on, Anna. Let me wine and dine you.”
“Wine and dine? Don’t get your hopes up, girl. I bet he means beer and hotdogs,” Erin calls across the room.
“She hasn’t got a clue what I’m capable of,” he whispers.
“It’s not a good idea to mix business and pleasure,” I answer.
“You’re fired,” he quips.
“Oh, I didn’t see that one coming,” Jena mumbles.
“He’s bluffing. That farm has never run so smoothly,” Graham chimes.
“Who’s side are you on?” Weston asks Graham.
“That’s a hard one. You’re my brother and I’d love nothing more than for you to find a good woman, but there’s nothing more entertaining than watching you crash and burn.”
“I’m riding the same fence,” Langford adds.
Weston turns his gaze to them.
“I was in both your corners with Taeli and Isley.”
“Were you? I seem to remember you being a pain in the ass,” Langford says.
“No, he was. Kind of,” Isley defends.
“See,” Weston says, as he blows a kiss at his sister-in-law.
“I don’t know, I think you need to make him beg,” Maxi states.
Weston’s head whips to her.
She shrugs.
“Yeah, you’re a little too cocky for my taste. I think eating a little humble pie would be good for you.”
“You’re an evil woman.”
“Yeah, begging sounds like a great idea,” Erin goads.
He turns to me and takes both my hands in his.
“Anna Kunder would do me the great honor of allowing me to take you to dinner. I promise it will be somewhere fancy with cloth napkins and ridiculously expensive bottles of wine.”
“Stop,” I mutter under my breath.
“Okay, even I have to admit that was good,” Maxi states.
“Right? Did you steal that line from a movie?” Erin asks.
I bite my bottom lip trying to stifle a laugh as he turns and growls at them.
“No. That one was all me.”
“Say yes,” Ansley encourages.
Amused, my eyes drift past her and fall on Corbin. He’s quietly sipping his beer beside Maxi. When he catches my gaze he inclines his head.
Maxi watches the two of us and lightly nudges Corbin’s side.
He turns and smiles at her then his eyes return to me and he winks.
In the wordless exchange, he gives me permission. Not that I needed it, but I did need it.
I look back to Weston.
“Fine. One date,” I agree.





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I had a perfect life—married to my high school sweetheart and preparing for our new baby. Then tragedy struck.

I could have moved us back to have the support of our parents, but home isn't where you come from, it's where you want to be. And I want to be here in Balsam Ridge.

So I begin anew, a single mom with a fractured heart. Determined to rise above the grief and grasp the joy that still bubbles inside of me every time I look into the eyes of our baby girl. Starting with a job at the local hemp farm.

Weston Tuttle is a walking contradiction. Playful yet ambitious. Soft yet strong. Wisecracking yet caring. A beautiful man with a sexy smile and big heart, and a blessing to me and my daughter.

This may not be the life I planned, but it could be the life that I was always meant to live.



Cover Designer: Perfect Pear Creative

Photographer:  Regina Wamba







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Amber Kelly is a romance author that calls North Carolina home. She has been an avid reader from a young age and you could always find her with her nose in a book completely enthralled in an adventure. With the support of her husband and family, in 2018, she decided to finally give a voice to the stories in her head and her debut novel, Both of Me was born.



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