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Taken, I’m bound inside the home of a dangerous man. He may have saved me from his sadistic cousin, but it seems I’ve only traded one monster for another. Fans of The Five Families series by Jill Ramsower will love Violent Ascension by Giorgia Blake, a steamy, enemies-to-lovers, forced marriage, mafia romance.





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I’m a Rising Star. A boss. A Real One.




Yet I’m here. Taken and bound inside the home of Alessandro Parisi.




A dangerous man who holds my life and my secrets close to the chest.




He has all the answers but refuses to answer any of my questions.




All he’s told me is that I’m his and the key to his ascension.




He saved me from his sadistic cousin; but it seems I just traded one monster for another.




The first one stalked and taunted me until I was convinced death was around every corner.




This one orders me to cooperate, bend to his touch, and obey.




Too bad obedience isn’t in my nature and sacrifice is my birthright.




We probably won’t make it out of this blood war alive…The likelihood of my heart surviving Alessandro is even less.




Violent Ascension is the first book in the Made Men of Chicago Collection, and can be read as a standalone.It is a forced marriage mafia romance with themes of organized crime, violence, and BDSM. If this is your type of romance, the happily ever after will knock your socks off!




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I feel her presence the moment Isabella is nearby. That’s the way it's become between us the past few weeks. In Jane Eyre There’s a moment where Mr. Rochester tells Jane that he feels the presence of an invisible string connecting the two beneath his left rib. He claims with fervor that if that tether ever snapped, he’d bleed inwardly while she would forget he ever existed. Rochester was old, hardened by the world, and prone to outbursts of anger; while Jane was young, innocent, and talented. The world before her, his criminal past behind him; if he didn’t protect the frailty of that string with his life, then he would lose her forever.


When I first read it, I thought it was sentimental dribble. I saw it as a passage of words to muddle through in order to get to the end of the book. At this moment, I have a different view of that passage. Charlotte Bronte herself must have felt that snap or she was an emotional savant. I feel the snap of the string that kept Isabella in my universe the moment I hear her soft steps turn the corner. She’s holding my mother’s pistol and it seems fitting. I’d want her to have it.


My silly, brave and disobedient girl.


The betrayal in her eyes lets me know that she heard what the bastard just said and she’s more than pissed. She’s hurt. I lied to her, now she’ll be more determined than ever to escape. aToo bad I’ll never let her go. I need her too much. My need has nothing to do with the Romano Ascension but everything to do with the warmth of her sun. I won’t live in the cold without it.


“Father?” Her eyes stay focused on me, and I realize she’s asking me if what she heard is true. Even now, she’s praying I’m not as monstrous as I appear to be. But I am.


I’m dismissed before I can even respond.. Her attention turns to Matteo as she closes in on the truth.,


“You’re Matteo Ricci?” Her voice is strong and sure. Her chin held high, she faces the man that created and abandoned her.


Matteo eyes her carefully. He assesses her with a detached interest. I wonder if she feels it. I pray to God her anger at me does not distort her discernment. That’s a skill I’ve admired her for since we met. She read me like a book within moments of meeting me.


“I am. Come closer child. I want to have a good look at you.”


“Stay right where you are.” I bark. “Don’t move.”


Matteo scowls. “Is this how you’ve been treating my daughter? Like some dog you can call. She’s a Ricci and she should be treated like a queen, something you promised you would do.”


His feigned care is starting to really get under my skin. He’s up to something, and I’m not letting Isabella anywhere near him until I know exactly what it is. Matteo is a dangerous and unpredictable man. It was one thing for him to want her back because she’s his. That’s the mafia way. I expect that from a man like him. It’s something else entirely if he attaches value to her. Assets can be traded or sacrificed like pawns on a chessboard.



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About Giorgia Blake




I'm a contemporary romance author dedicated to the dangerously delicious world of Mafia Romance. Every story will dare you to believe in the power of love, even when there doesn't seem to be one sane reason to do so!




My stories feature sexy alphas and smart heroines finding love in the most breath stealing of circumstances. If someone can't die at any moment–it's not a Giorgia Blake Romance!




Every plot is full of heat, suspense, and steamy passion that would make the Karma Sutra blush.




So come join me on this wild won't regret it!




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