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The game has rules for a reason....


Wild Card, an angsty must-read new-adult sports romance from bestselling author Ashley Munoz is now available in audio, narrated by Elizabeth Hart and Nelson Hobbs!



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The game has rules for a reason...


Rumors swirled around the Rake Forge University campus about a scandalous game played by none other than the Devil’s baseball team.


Honestly, I didn’t care.


Not my business, but when my editor takes away my chance to be featured in the senior showcase, and my little sister gets a mysterious playing card; a devious idea emerged.


I decided I’d sneak into the party, and scoop the story.

I would not get caught, definitely not seduced, and absolutely wouldn’t die.


That is until I was stopped and rendered totally speechless by a pair of mossy eyes, and a jawline so divine that I nearly melted into goo right in some stranger’s room.


He lured me in, close enough to feel the press of his mouth against my skin and the heat of his hands on my body. Undoubtedly, I was a sheep headed straight for the slaughter, which only proved true when he called my bluff.


With him holding all the cards for my future success, and to salvage what remained of my dream, I did the only thing I could.


I made a deal with a devil.



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She’s the girl I can never have.

Wrong, a heat-filled dark age-gap standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Adelaide Forrest has a scorching hot new look!

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She’s the girl I can never have.

Everlee likes to torment me, to enrapture me with her innocence at every turn. The games we play skirt the lines of what is appropriate, but I’d never allow myself to cross them. Her father would kill me if I did.

He’s my oldest friend, and I’ve watched his daughter blossom into the woman she’s becoming. My tastes are too deviant for her shining light, and I need an outlet even if she’s all I see when I close my eyes.

Enter Purgatory — the club that caters to every manner of taste. Arranging a meeting with a stranger to fill my needs, the last thing I expect when I look in the window of our meeting place is to find Everlee sitting and waiting for me at the table marked with a single red rose. I should walk away, end the agreement that never should have happened in the first place, but I can’t resist her. She chose a game with the devil.

I hope she’s ready to play.

Wrong is part of the Black Heart Romance presents Heaven & Hell series, but can also be read as a standalone. Wrong is a dark, daddy’s best friend romance with nonconsent.


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