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Dark Bully Romance Fans, This one's for you!




Drop Dead Queen (Corium University, Book 2) by C. Hallman & J.L. Beck

Narrated by Zara Eden & Connor Brown

Produced & Published by Pink Flamingo Productions



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In the darkness they lurk, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Danger is everywhere, and not even Quinton can protect me. Someone wants me dead and they’ll do anything to achieve their goal.

I’m back to being a rat scurrying through the halls of Corium and I know it won’t be long till I’m caught in a trap. 

The only question is, can I save myself this time?

This is a dark bully romance including many triggers. For a complete list of triggers, please contact the authors or follow the link in the author's notes.

This is book two of a trilogy. King of Corium must be listened to prior to Drop Dead Queen.



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Dark Reverse Harem Romance Fans, This one's for you!



Playing with Knives by AJ Merlin

Narrated by Leanne Woodward

Produced & Published by Pink Flamingo Productions




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Life is so hard when you want to live like a magpie, stealing anything shiny you find, but you live in a small town where everyone knows your face.

Nothing exciting ever happens here, unless you count us getting our very own movie-rental shop right next to the sheriff’s station.

Which, for the record, I don’t.

That is, nothing exciting happens until my roommate is murdered and her body washes up on the riverbank for the police to find.

Confused and angry, all I can really do is move on and let the police handle things...right?

Wrong. I can use the questionable life skills God saw fit to give me and be the best stalker—I mean, investigator—anyone has ever seen.

Until four sexy-as-sin strangers waltz into town like we’re some kind of fun tourist destination rather than the most boring place on earth.

Lysander, Azriel, Nykos, and Rhys don’t belong in this town. Something’s off with them. Something is wrong behind their shrewd gazes and swoon-worthy looks. More suspicious still, they show up right as my roommate was found, and the reasons they give for coming here are flimsy at best.

At worst? I’m starting to think they killed her or that they know who did.

Is it coincidence that they’re here just after the first murder in more than a decade occurs?

And even if I’m wrong, what happens if the dust settles and I can’t keep living the only life I know?

Well, let’s just hope my body doesn’t end up in the river too.

An 18+ dark reverse-harem romance. PWK contains graphic sex scenes and detailed violent acts that may be triggering for some listeners. There are also MM and MMFMM scenes and relationships.


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Paranormal Romance Fans, This one's for you!



The Fae King's Curse (Between Dawn and Dusk, Book 1) by Jamie Schlosser

Narrated by Theo Sinclair & Avery Caris

Produced & Published by Pink Flamingo Productions





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Kirian and I were just 12 years old when I pulled him from the icy waters of the creek behind my house. As he looked in my direction with unseeing lavender eyes, I quickly realized our age was just about the only thing we had in common. He spoke with an accent, he had pointy ears, and he was so beautiful it made my heart ache. Oh, and he claimed to be a fae prince cursed by witches who stole his sight. 

I thought he was crazy from hypothermia. Turns out, he wasn’t, and for some reason he keeps coming back. But a day in my world is a year in his. Every time I see him, he’s older. Wiser. Hotter. 

Over the past six years, I’ve tried not to fall in love with him because the terms of the curse are clear: If he doesn’t wait for his fated mate in all ways, including an innocent (or not-so-innocent) kiss, he’ll be blind forever.  

So when Kirian kisses me and pulls me through the portal to his realm, I make it my mission to do some damage control. It’d be a whole lot easier if he wasn’t determined to marry me...and if someone wasn’t trying to murder me every step of the way.  

The Fae King's Curse is a full-length novel with no cliff-hanger.


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Pre-Order Book one now! 

Deviant Royal (Duke of Tudor, Book 1) by Amarie Avant

Narrated by JT Farrell & Aure Nash

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Prepare for the quick rollout of books 2 and 3 in July!

Pre-Order Possessive Royal (Duke of Tudor Book 2) starting June 23rd!

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Pre-Order Redeemed Royal (Duke of Tudor Book 3) starting July 7th!

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Book 1 Blurb: 

Victor Tudor, a man wrapped in mystery and temptation, gets everything he desires.

And for the moment, he craves…me.

I fought. It was a losing battle.

I ran. His relentlessness ensnared me.

I'm a token. A trinket. A toy for Victor's amusement.

He's seductive. A dangerous deviant.

Although I can't stop the madness, staying is lethal.

Luxury Whitson, a young beauty with a heart of gold, never catches a break.

And for a brief time, she will be mine to possess.

She's cheeky. I'll train her mouth.

She's defiant. That kink will be straightened.

I'll keep my identity and my deadly delights away from her.

I'll protect Luxury. Spare her father's life. And once my mission is complete, return the naïve girl's heart, as ecstasy cannot last always.

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