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Something about her just got under my skin.


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I've always hated Jasmine. I couldn’t pinpoint why, something about her just got under my skin.

Then she snitched on me. Now, I live to torment her. Bask in the glory of her tears.

One kiss put her on my radar.

One bet had my world in a downward spiral.

And my heart? It found its reason for beating… until she broke it.



I just wanted to finish school and leave my legacy behind. I didn’t want to sling drugs like my dad or become a mafia princess like my mom. I wanted to be an artist, but everyone keeps telling me it’s not possible.

My plan was to escape. But then Easton came along, tormenting me and crushing my heart in the palm of his hand.

I hated Easton, but maybe, I loved him, too.

Until I didn’t.


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She sits beside me, alcohol bottle hanging from the tips of her fingers as she stares at the ocean. “You’re a trigger for me, Easton,” she whispers, taking a sip from the glass bottle.


I swallow, my chest constricting, metaphorical wounds slashing open in my chest. I release a cloud of smoke. “You don’t mean that.”


She lets out a small laugh. “Yeah, I do. When I’m with you, I feel like I’m drowning. When you’re gone, every breath feels like razor blades in my lungs. You’re a trigger. I just haven’t decided if you’re a good one or a bad one.”


“Take all the time you want, I’m not going anywhere.” My hand skates across the sand, finding her free one, tangling our fingers together.


“I’m scared, Easton. To love, to let you back in. To feel… anything. Because what if it’s all too much and I relapse again?”


My chest tightens. I turn to her, releasing her hand to cup the back of her neck. Slowly, the bottle slips from her fingers, the waves taking it away as I gently lower her to the sand, my body over hers, our noses touching as I stare into her eyes. “What is life without a little risk? What is love without hardship? What are we without each other? If you fall, I’ll pick you back up. If life becomes too hard, give it to me. The worry, the pain, give it all to me to help carry the burden.” A tear slips down her cheek and I brush it away. “You will never battle your demons alone again, Jasmine.”


My lips connect with hers, a salty sweet, slow kiss.


“I’m not ready,” she whispers.


“Then wait with me.”


About M.T. Morgan

She lives in Texas with her husband and two children. She enjoys reading a good fantasy/PNR romance as well as a good cup of coffee. She has old lady tendencies even though she's in her mid-twenties. And writing her own bio is very cringy worthy to her.


M.T. Morgan tends to bounce around the romance genre. She may make you laugh, cry and cringe. It just depends on her mood.


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