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HEAD OVER CLEATS by Delancey Stewart & Marika Ray is LIVE!


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Iris Copeland has sworn off men. She has a glorious daughter, parents willing to let her come back home after her nasty divorce, and more sharp knives than she knows what to do with, thanks to her folks’ post-retirement business venture. Maybe it wasn’t quite the life she planned, but between her daughter and opening the pet shop she’s always dreamed of with her best friend, life is good.

Until Trey Callihan comes to town. Though Iris loves Roy, the old man out on Three Squirrel Ranch who is a fixture in the tiny town of Solano Creek, she’s a lot less sure about his tall, broad, handsome grandson. Why would a pro athlete be hanging out in a place like this?

The answer, certainly, is that he won’t be for long. That’s why Iris decides her best defense is a strong offense. She’ll stay far, far away from that athletic mountain of a man to avoid accidentally admitting how ridiculously charming she finds him, or how completely smitten her daughter already is with her baseball idol.

But when it looks like Trey might be staying to help his grandfather, Iris lets her guard slip. And while their relationship feels like a perfect day at the field for a while, Trey mixes things up just as she gets comfortable, and reminds her that even an easy pitch can be hard to hit…

Will Trey convince Iris to give him a chance? Or will it be a shut out?

Find out in the first book in the No Place Like Home series by USA Today bestsellers Delancey Stewart and Marika Ray. Every book is a full-length standalone happily ever after with plenty of LOLs and awws along the way!

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