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Instead of getting married, Grant Gerritsen nurses his broken heart by sharing one night of flirty, fun adventure with supposed-to-be bridesmaid Zoey Voss. Will romance spark between the two, or are their escapades just a New Year’s Eve fling? Readers who love Emily Griffin and Lexi Ryan, will enjoy Toasted by Tracy Broemmer, a one night fling, runaway groom, contemporary romance.




Instead of getting married at St. Andrew’s Church, runaway groom Grant Gerritsen is throwing back shots at the Whistling Dragon to forget his bride-to-be. He’s nursing his angry, broken heart alone in the New Year’s Eve crowd…

Until supposed-to-be bridesmaid Zoey Voss shows up at the Whistling Dragon desperate for a phone to call a cab to get back to her hotel.

When Grant saves his ex-fianceé’s childhood friend from an unkempt stranger at the bar, a night of flirty, fun adventure begins. Will Grant and Zoey kindle a friendship of their own or are their escapades just a New Year’s Eve fling?

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Copyright 2021 Tracy Broemmer

“You sure you wanna do this?” He bumped her arm with his. She had slipped his coat back over her shoulders, and now she held the coat tightly around her middle.
“I want to do this.”
“Do we have a story?” he asked as they hurried up the two steps and the sidewalk to the front door. Through the windows, Grant saw rooms crowded with people of all ages and sizes. The current song was something by Elvis. A Christmas tree lit up the corner of the front room. Several people held Solo cups.
“Think there’s a keg?” she asked quietly.
“Maybe.” He leaned close to the window to see better. “Doesn’t look like an all-college crowd, though.”
“College kids don’t have the corner on kegs.” She shrugged.
“Do we have a story?” he asked again.
“Let’s wing it.” She tugged at his arm and pulled him to the door. Seconds after Grant rang the bell, the door swung open. Zoey peeked up at him as a young kid leaned around the door with a sloppy grin. He didn’t particularly look of age, but he did look smashed.
“Hey! C’min.” The kid backed up and threw a hand out in welcome. “Zip’s in the kitchen, man. Grab a drink.”
“Great.” Grant ushered Zoey inside and then closed the door. Small groups of people everywhere yelled to be heard over the deafening music. Grant reached for Zoey’s hand, pleased when she linked her fingers in his and followed him. The kitchen was obviously in the back of the house, so Grant led her that way. The wooden door swung closed behind them. More people gathered around the island counter, but the music was a bit quieter in here.
“Hey.” A tall bald guy nodded at them. Since he was surrounded by people—four girls and two guys—Grant decided he might be Zip.
“How ya doin’, Zip?” he asked with a knowing smile.
“Where’ve you been, man? Haven’t seen you in ages.” Zip stepped forward and offered Grant his hand.
“No kidding.” Grant shook his hand. “Been around. Same old same old.”
“Ain’t that the truth.” Zip nodded enthusiastically. “Grab a drink. Catch up. I think Doug’s out back. Bet you haven’t seen him in years.”
“I haven’t!” Grant suppressed a laugh when Zoey squeezed his hand. “Remember Zoey?” He pulled her in close to him.
“Hey, yes!” Zip left the group he had been talking to and approached them with open arms. He swallowed Zoey up in a big hug and then gave Grant a bro hug, complete with a slap on the back. “Fancy digs, guys.”
He stepped back to eye Grant’s vest and Zoey’s dress.
“Well.” Grant aimed a sheepish grin at Zoey. “We eloped tonight.”
“Say what?”
Zoey looked at him with wild eyes, as if she seconded what Zip had said.



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About Tracy Broemmer 

An only child, Tracy Broemmer grew up with a wild imagination. An avid reader from a young age, she spent a lot of time with her nose buried in books and a lot of time making up her own stories. She penned her first book in grade school and hasn’t stopped writing since then. When she’s not writing, you might find her with a book in hand, or maybe a glass of wine, or maybe a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Tracy enjoys spending time with her family, traveling with her husband of twenty-eight years, music, NFL, and MLB. Tracy is the author of the Lorelei Bluffs women’s fiction series, the Williams Legacy, and several stand-alone women’s fiction novels. She has recently dabbled in contemporary romance, as well. Tracy’s books have been called gripping, emotional, and timely, and readers describe her characters as real and relatable.

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