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Enter to Win a Hardcover Copy of AN ACCIDENTAL AFFAIR

Liliana Batchelor Series #1
Holly Blackstone
Released March 2013
Erotic Romance

Two souls meet at a dark railroad crossing… there's no hint this night will be the beginning - and end - of everything.

Lily doesn't exist any more - old Lily, anyway. That night made her different, rewrote her life, tore up everything she thought she knew and understood.

How do you go back to normal after you've met someone who has turned your life upside down? When you fear the passionate connexion but don't want to live for anything else? When those few moments were the most intense and intimate of your life and it was the barest taste of what you could have together?

How do you find the strength to not run away from something that has the power to shatter your heart?

Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable (including spanking and bondage). Content intended for adults only.

What readers are saying:

"It took forever to find a book last night on my Kindle. To find that perfect Alpha male character. Stuart is the one."

"Really enjoying the strong alpha possessive male qualities of Stuart, Liliana is no simpering girl, their connection and the way the author visualizes that to the reader are really impressive. Did I mention it is smokin' hot?! Really pleasantly surprised with this one, reminds me at times of In Flight series among others."

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She walks through the ballroom and heads to the exit and the elevators. Suddenly a voice breaks the relative quiet.
“I thought you were going to bed.”
The voice gives her goosebumps - Stuart. She turns and he saunters towards her, jacket gone, his lean yet strong physique now obvious through his shirt.
Lily’s smile is wiped off her face instantly. She feels guilty for turning him down earlier, and he seems annoyed that she lingered at the reception rather than visiting with him.
“It was my intent at the time”, she says defiantly.
“Well, since you’re still awake…” He walks past her and presses the elevator button. “…we’ll go to my suite and continue the conversation.” He takes her elbow and steers her to the open door. She’s in that intoxicating bubble again; his touch is exciting and his assurance is overpowering. Nearly.
“No, I don’t think so”, Lily says, and taps the button marked ‘6’.
Stuart presses the Penthouse level button, but she ignores this. “Is there a reason?”, he asks. The doors close.
“Because I really am tired now, and sessions start at nine to-morrow.” She replies determinedly.
The floors begin to tick by. “But you don’t have to attend every session. No one ever does at these things.”
“That’s not the point”, she says. The number five ticks by on the floor display.
He turns her around so she is facing him. His touch seems to melt her will. “I almost think you’re avoiding me.” The bells sound and the doors open behind her. Lily casts her eyes over her shoulder and down the hallway to her room. Stuart is still holding onto her arms and she isn’t trying to pull away.
She turns to look him in the eyes as the doors begin to close behind her.
“Why?”, she asks in a whisper, searching his features, wishing she had more willpower.
He lifts a hand and caresses the side of her face and her breath intakes sharply at his touch. “I want to get to know you”, he says softly and continues to stroke her hair. There is a chime and the door opens.
He turns her around and places his arm across her back as they exit the elevator.
The Penthouse lobby is small and leads to a hallway. There is one door along each side and another one at the far end that says, ‘Hotel Staff Only’. Stuart walks towards the door on the right, and the attendant standing discreetly in the lobby rushes to catch up to him.
“Good evening, Mr…”, but Stuart quiets him with a shake of his head. The door opens and Stuart ushers Lily inside and after a professional ‘Good Evening’, the attendant closes the door after them. Lily hears Stuart lock it and there is now a lump in her throat.
“You know”, she begins nervously, “I’m here for the next few days, we could do this another night.” Being alone with him is daunting - a mixture of trepidation and desire.
“Come. I’ll make you a drink.”
“I think I’ve probably had enough for the night…”
“I was just going to have a wee nip”, he says in his incredibly sexy accent as he walks to the wet bar tucked into the right of the living room.
“Okay, fine, but just a little”, she cautions. Lily steps towards the windows that fill the wall in front of her.
“This is AMAZING”, she says emphatically as she turns her head to Stuart. The wide eyes and smile on her face are enough to make him break into a grin.
“It is at that.” He walks around the bar, a glass in each hand. He narrows his eyes at her. “How do you like your scotch?”, he asks playfully.
“Neat!”, she replies without hesitation and he hands the drink over.
“Liliana”, he says softly and she looks up at the sound of her name. Their eyes lock and he raises his glass.
“Thank you”, he says, and the tone is so tender and earnest it nearly brings tears to her eyes. “Thank you for saving my life.” He reaches his left hand up and his finger tips touch her cheek lightly. Lily lowers her lids, relishing the sensation, trying to burn the feeling and the words into her head.
She opens her eyes to see him watching her. She raises her glass and clinks with his and takes a sip.
“Mmmm”. The strong taste of iodine and the smokiness of the peat fill her mouth, and her lips and tongue begin to tingle. The scotch warms a path to her stomach and leaves her with a contented feeling. “Perfect.”
Stuart is still lightly touching her cheek and trails his fingers to her lips, watching her reaction intently. She doesn’t move as his thumb brushes against her mouth, and then he slides his hand and is cupping her cheek. She hears the clank of his tumbler as it touches the tabletop and he removes the glass from her hand.
He leans into her; she can smell the scotch on his breath as he slowly moves his lips to hers. Lily’s breath catches in her throat, her pulse is racing, and she feels her stomach twist expectantly.
He pauses; their mouths are a hairsbreadth apart, and she realises he’s prolonging it, relishing this moment of anticipation. A burning desire for him has taken up residence in her abdomen; she longs for his kiss and leans forward but he maintains the distance.
“Is this what you were afraid of?” His voice is sexy - low and rough. His breath envelops her like a shroud of silk - seductive, soft.
“Yes”, she gasps out.
His mouth parts in a brief smile and then his lips are on hers, as soft and sensual as she feared. His hand at her cheek urges her mouth open and he plunges his tongue into her, mingling with the remnants of the scotch, tickling her tongue while his right hand rests on her hip. He is overwhelming; she has never been kissed like this, forcefully and passionately.
Her left hand comes up and touches his face and he melts into her palm, their bodies pressed against one another, their mouths still joined.
Finally, reluctantly, he pulls away.
“Was that so terrible?”, he growls.
Lily nods. “It was everything I feared.” His mouth turns up in a smile and he reaches for his glass and takes another sip of scotch.
“When do you need to be at your first seminar?”, he asks and trails his fingers along the edge of the table in front of the window. He stares at her as she’s seen predators eye prey.
“I should be there at nine, Stuart”, she replies and takes a drink from her glass. What is wrong with her? She craves him like a thirsty man would yearn for water and yet she’s trying to find excuses to leave.
You fear his intensity. That much is true. She turns to look out the magnificent windows; Edinburgh Castle is in the distance, lights marking angles into sharp relief.
He’s behind her now, and uses the most delicate of touches to brush her hair aside. He leans down towards her ear and whispers. “What if I asked you to stay?” Her knees weaken and he puts an arm around her waist, pulling her to him. She can feel his erection pressing against her back and moistness is pooling between her legs.
He begins to kiss her hair. “Stay”, he says as he drinks in the scent of her hair and the faint aroma of her arousal. It’s more intoxicating than anything he’s had to drink that night.
“Stuart…”, she wants to protest. He’s so sexy and I do want him so terribly, terribly bad.
There is the distant clacking of heels and then Lily hears a throat clear. “Mister… Sir, there has been a break-in.”
He turns his head, his arm still firmly around Lily’s waist. She can feel the strength in his muscles, the hardness of his chest against her back.
“Just now.”
He turns Lily around so she is facing him. “I need to, I HAVE to deal with this. Please. Just give me a short while.”
He takes her head in his hands and kisses her forehead before turning to follow Ava. Lily can hear the click of footsteps receding into the distance. As quickly and quietly as she can manage, she picks up her purse and heads to the front doors. She nods to the attendant, calls the elevator and takes it down to her floor.

Lily is exhausted – emotionally wrung out. She closes the curtains, locks the door and readies for bed in record time. She sets her alarm and turns off the ringer on her phone. Tonight was completely unexpected; what would to-morrow bring?

Holly Blackstone has been writing stories and poetry since she was seven and has always been an avid reader. She enjoys cooking, painting, reading, blogging, music, writing, dancing and gardening, and lives in the Pacific Northwest, just outside of Seattle. 

Holly enjoys exploring how her hero and heroine grow when faced with adversity, and believes erotica can not only be sexy and sensual, but contain rich characters and tell a compelling story.

She enjoys interacting with readers and discussing her books and what motivates the people in her stories.

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